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Professional training and development
Another one of the main objectives of the Group is to exploit and integrate the diverse personnel and professionals on their teams in order to improve their capacity to respond to the growing needs of their customers. It continuously endeavours to integrate all employees into the objectives and business philosophies of the group, developing their full potential and professional qualifications.
The TARANCÓN group aims at a continuous and permanent global training strategy in the classroom or at a distance. The Annual Training Plan sets out courses and seminars for all activities and, more succinctly, in areas related to:
  • Management personnel training.
  • Technological specialisation in management and production systems.
  • Knowledge of developed products and services.
  • Quality and environmental policies.
  • Safety in the workplace.
Training in work safety and prevention is where the majority of time, dedication and resources are employed. This is the main reason why the TARANCON Group has one of the lowest average rates of accidents in the work place according to the average in the sector in which they operate.
The training procedures are subjected annually to the corresponding internal and external audits, which guarantees the optimum and continuous improvement of the programmes.
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