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Risk prevention
The Group is focussed on the prevention of risks in the workplace. We obtain more than satisfactory results according to the occupational hazard information. This is a clear reflection of our continuing interest to maintain our position among the companies in this sector who give security a high status.
The Group is guided by its prevention policy which is based on the following principles:
  • Fulfillment of current legislation and regulations aimed at the prevention of work risks and other requirements that are voluntarily implied
  • Integration of the preventative action in all activities and on all hierarchical levels, implementing correct planning and putting these preventative measures to work.
  • The adoption of as many measures as are necessary to guarantee the protection and well-being of the employees.
  • The development of human potential through adequate training and information in preventative measures, developing their initiative and participation in order to ensure the continuing improvement of the system.
  • Assurance of correct quality control for the employees health supervision.
  • Personnel training and application of technological innovations.
To compliment the prevention management systems in every area of activity, numerous prevention campaigns will be carried out. These will be aimed at heightening employees awareness in order to reduce accidents and improve work conditions.
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