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Joaquin Mula Andréu, is a businessman whose background is in construction and ceramic distribution. He is the founder-member of this company that gets its name from his wife's surname Adelina Tarancón Gutierrez.
In 1983, Joaquin Mula Andréu began distributing ceramics from a small old house in the town of Orihuela in Alicante. Given Joaquin Mula's entrepreneurial spirit, he began to engage in promotion and construction in a family business and developed eight apartments in Torrevieja (Alicante). He then sold each apartment for 3.500.000 pesetas, the former Spanish currency (20.000 Euros).
From 1986-1989, Joaquin Mula managed various companies (Alimur, Compromodel, important residential projects etc…). These were all real estate projects in the Murcia region and province of Alicante.
In 1989 Joaquin Mula and Adelina Tarancón decided to undertake this business venture alone. The activity began in Orihuela, bringing not only capital to this new business, but also the necessary experience.
The company headquarters was set-up in 1995 in an office space with a surface area of 500m2.
In 1999 they were awarded tender to develop a maximum of 450 apartments in the first programme for integrated development as a construction broker from the Valencian Autonomous Community.
In 2005 the Tarancón Group put in place their strategic plan for 2006-2010. They intend to professionalize the company fundamentally and diversify their activities both geographically and in different business sectors.
In 2006 they constructed over 1000 apartments. The company was restructured thereby becoming a true business group with it's Head Holding JM & TARANCÓN GRUPO TARANCON.
The new company reunites several subsidiaries from different businesses with group funds of 58.000.000 euro.
At the moment the Tarancon group is controlled 100% by the Mula and Tarancon family.
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