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In the Tarancon Group we are aware of the importance of acting in a "socially responsible " manner. We understand Corporative Social Responsibility as being the integration of social and environmental concern with the development of the business's daily activities combined with interaction with the various groups of interest. In order to achieve this, we purvey this attitude to all aspects of our organisation. That is to say; good business practices, ethical commitments, transparency, social development and a high respect for the environment, commitment to quality, innovation and excellence, continual employment training and in Prevention of Work Risks, the creation of employment and support of underprivileged groups, equal opportunities...
A sustainable and sustained growth where total commitment is expressed in conjunction with a management model which has the primary objective of satisfying the different interest groups we interact with, i.e. employees, clients, suppliers, the local community and society in general. This is always present in the decision-making process at a strategic and management level.
We have established a policy aimed towards maximizing the kind of development that is compatible with current social demands. Indeed, every action we take is aimed at fulfilling an ethical and moral commitment. These aims are based on our primary values as is transparency, commitment, reliability and customer service.
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