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The president
We began our business journey over 20 years ago and since then we have covered a lot of mileage. We've gained solid experience while consolidating a business group with a great team of people.
The Tarancon Group has expanded on a large scale, taking on a wide range of activities: Real Estate advertising, construction of buildings and infrastructures, wealth and inheritance management, retirement complexes, touristic developments, renewable energy development …are just some of the group's activities.
It was precisely during the years of economic scarcity that our business project manifested itself and was capable of adapting at the right time. The Tarancon Group is not a just a business venture. Financially it is a solid business project that is continually expanding and innovating its products. Its growth is thanks to good practices, experience and total quality.
For the world today, the Tarancon Group reflects an adaptive attitude for today's market. It offers products that satisfy our clients and respond to their expectations as well as investing in value-adding businesses. All of this combined with the same characteristic know-how we have maintained since the beginning matched with an awareness of the environment and strong financial acumen.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the people who have placed their trust in us and who support our project day-to-day: workers, clients, suppliers and financial institutes.
Once again my sincere thanks.
Joaquín Mula Andréu
Executive President
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